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“details about

Info webpage about Germany in Russian. On the pages of your web site you are able to accessibly discuss life in modern Germany. These topics are covered: factual statements about Germany (administrative and political construction of the nation, location and environment, demographic scenario); state and politics; international policy; economy and development; atmosphere and weather; training and understanding; culture; tradition and news; way of life; background. Inside the “Mediathek” you’ll find quick but fascinating videos which describe different factors of life in modern-day Germany – from politics and personal projects to humor and film sector.

E-books in Russian “details about Germany” (all details, a brief history) and “factual statements about Germany” (helpful tips for teenagers) are around for down load. The format from the publications – PDF.

Go directly to the “Facts about Germany” website


According to research by the usual European Framework of Reference (CEFR) there are three levels of competence in a different vocabulary. Each level is actually divided into two “sublevels”. Grundstufe: A (A1, A2); Mittelstufe: B (B1, B2); Oberstufe: C (C1, C2). Language skills tend to be examined jointly: dental and composed message, book and message awareness (listening awareness of foreign language).

How come these details important on a matchmaking site?

To start with, this data is essential for women who happen to be thinking about their particular potential and severely taking into consideration the prospect of a commitment and matrimony with a German citizen. Its comprehension of the linguistic “obstacles” that stand in how of
thinking of moving Germany
and integrating into German culture.

Test A1.

a certification verifying the knowledge of German in the A1 level is roofed from inside the selection of mandatory documents required for acquiring a charge for wedding (the alleged fiancée charge) and a charge for household reunification (if the marriage was actually determined at home nation of the bride). Not every vocabulary class in Germany understands and accepts certificates. The certificate associated with Goethe Institut is actually recognized in Germany, so you can use the A1 examination at one of many Goethe Institut’s limbs.

Exam B1.

engaged and getting married
and transferring to Germany, the wife of a German citizen takes an
program where she’ll always find out the German vocabulary and learn about the fundamentals of German culture, its administrative and political design, and discover the woman rights and commitments. After this course she’s going to just take a B1 amount vocabulary test.

The methods below may help those wanting to get ready for both degrees.

Deutsche Sprache für Anfänger: German for newbies (Level A)


With the help of your website “Deutsch-online” you could start discovering German all on your own as well as for cost-free. For novices are very important parts of the website: “Tutorials” and “Media Library”. The site supplies access not only to supplies for mastering German, but additionally to many posts about existence in Germany,
and emigration. The “Info” section contains information regarding Germany, the real history from the condition, the German language and interesting realities.

Visit the website “Deutsch-online”

“German language video clip classes by Elena Shipilova”

Unless you understand how to start studying German, enjoy video instructions from Elena Shipilova. This course is made of 7 classes, extremely simply and easily advised about the fundamentals of German grammar.

Start movie instructions by Elena Shipilova on YouTube

“Audiotrainer German from Deutsche Welle”

100 quick films, each with a variety of German terms on a specific topic. 1st your message is pronounced in Russian, next continued 2 times in German. Audiotrainer helps to find out new words, to train the comprehension of German words by ear in addition to their pronunciation.

Open up the German music coach on YouTube

German A2 – B1

Grüße aus Deutschland” sound content from Goethe Institute

The podcast “Grüße aus Deutschland” is made by the Goethe Institut. It’s several “audio broadcasts” dedicated to a certain subject, when the presenters talk about the subject from the broadcast in the form of a dialogue. As an example, Essen und Ernährung (as well as nourishment).

This podcast works people continuing to master German (to prepare for A2-B1 exams). Helps establish vocabulary and teach listening awareness. Each “collection” is associated with a text (transcript regarding the system), which you are able to read and create brand-new / incomprehensible words.

Open “Grüße aus Deutschland”

“Deutsche Welle: Top-Thema”

Deutsche Welle is actually a German media company addressing occasions in Germany, European countries, plus the world. With Deutsche Welle, not only can you know about recent occasions in German life, additionally learn German. The “Top-Thema mit Vokabeln – Archiv” section consists of articles in German on various subject areas. Including, “Top-Thema mit Vokabeln – Archiv” → “Top-Thema mit Vokabeln – Archiv 2017” → “Lektion: Zahlen ohne Bargeld”. The articles are followed closely by an audio tracking in which the text is actually read by an announcer. The text from the article in German can be found in the subsection “Manuskript”. Some of the conditions utilized in the written text are discussed in German under “Glossar”. By including the materials from Deutsche Welle in the instructions, you will be able to practice recognizing German speech, develop the vocabulary, discover current language, and prepare for the B1 test.

Check-out Deutsche Welle website

If you would like to read Deutsche Welle development in Russian.

Start Deutsche Welle news in Russian

Forms of visas for vacation and moving to Germany

There have been two different visas to get in the territory of Germany: Schengen visa, for trips of only 3 months, and national charge, for a long stay (significantly more than a couple of months) in the country. Nationwide visa is generally prolonged in Germany, Schengen charge can’t be prolonged without leaving the united states.

With regards to relationship with a German citizen and for household reunification, it is crucial to apply for a nationwide charge.

You might get a list of papers needed for Schengen and national visas on the internet site of German missions for the Russian Federation.

The information published regarding sources below pertains to residents regarding the Russian Federation and citizens of third nations surviving in the Russian Federation.

German missions in the Russian Federation

You’ll find five German missions inside Russian Federation: the Embassy in Moscow, the Consulate General in Yekaterinburg, the Consulate General in Kaliningrad, the Consulate General in Novosibirsk, and Consulate General in St. Petersburg. The chart from the consular districts on the internet site will allow you to comprehend which company you ought to apply at. The consular area is chosen in line with the host to residence with the citizen deciding on the consultant office.

German missions handle the handling of national and Schengen visas. You can also sign up for a Schengen charge at one of several service and charge locations.

Go right to the web site of German diplomatic missions in Russian Federation

Website of solution and visa locations of German diplomatic missions when you look at the Russian Federation

Your website posts a listing of documents necessary to get a Schengen visa. You’ll sign up for a Schengen charge at the service and visa middle.

Go directly to the website in the service and visa centers of German diplomatic missions inside the Russian Federation